If you’ve ever been in a pool, then you know that the water can be rough and your eyes can often feel itchy.

    A quick fix can fix it, but if you’re the kind of person who has had it worse, then there’s a way to help fix the problem, by painting it to look like a pool.

    The good news is that the process is simple.

    Here’s how.

    First, make sure you’ve got a lot of paint.

    If you don’t have enough, make one and apply it to a clean surface.

    Then, fill your pool with water, like you would any other.

    It shouldn’t be more than 4 gallons per square foot.

    Once the water’s been poured on top of the paint, apply it with a brush.

    You can even make the paint stick to the surface if you want.

    Once the paint has dried, take the brush and apply some water onto it, like a paint brush would.

    You don’t want the paint to stick to your eyes, but just the surface.

    Repeat until the water is completely covered.

    Once you’ve done that, you can add the water to the pool again and apply the paint.

    That’s it!

    Now that you’ve painted the pool, you’re ready to get the water out.

    You’ll need to do this with a sponge.

    You use a sponge to mix the water and water to make a paste, which you then put in your water tank and start filling it with.

    Fill the tank with water.

    Make sure the water levels are all above the paint and the paint’s not touching the water.

    Now, take a sponge and apply a small amount of water to it, and then let the water run off the sponge and onto the water in the tank.

    This will make the water look like it’s just been dipped into the water, rather than being soaked into the paint itself.

    Once that’s done, apply some more water onto the sponge, and you’re done!

    The trick here is to make sure that the paint you’re applying is a high quality paint, and not a cheap imitation.

    You want to make the colors blend together and make it look like you’re just brushing paint onto a paintbrush.

    If the paint is too cheap, you might end up with a dark pool.

    If that happens, you need to get a better paintbrush and/or paint that’s better suited to that type of water.

    The best part about this whole process is that it’s incredibly easy to fix.

    You just need to brush on the water as you’re painting, and when you’re finished, apply the same paint to the tank as you did with the paintbrush, and repeat.

    After that, the paint should look as good as it does now.