A small number of microwaves are now sold as a cost-effective alternative to costly conventional microwave ovens, according to a new report.

    Microwave heaters have long been used in residential buildings, but new research suggests they can be a better alternative to traditional ovens.

    It comes as manufacturers are racing to find the right components to create a better microwave oven for a growing population.

    “Microwaves are really popular in kitchens because they’re a great way to get the most out of your appliances,” said Prof Ian Denton, of the University of Exeter.

    “The manufacturers of microwave oven are trying to find cheap components to make microwaves that are better for your environment and cheaper for your household.”””

    So there is a real opportunity for manufacturers to find better ways to use microwaves in the future.”””

    The manufacturers of microwave oven are trying to find cheap components to make microwaves that are better for your environment and cheaper for your household.”

    “So there is a real opportunity for manufacturers to find better ways to use microwaves in the future.”

    “There’s an increasing demand for microwave oven replacements,” he added.

    “So we are seeing manufacturers of microwaving appliances making their way to the market to meet this demand.”

    “We know that some of the things that make microwaving work really well are really expensive, so we’re seeing manufacturers finding cheaper and cheaper ways to make these microwaves work.”

    The BBC’s business news team can be contacted on 020778 02800 or on Twitter @bbcbusinessnews.

    Read more: Microwaves, or their components, are being used to heat up food in restaurants, and in the UK at least.

    A new report by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has found that some microwaves have a higher heating cost than the conventional oven.

    The report by researchers at the University and University of Reading found that microwave oven components are becoming more expensive, while the cost of the other ingredients is falling.

    “We’re seeing some improvements in the price of the microwave oven,” said Denton.

    “In particular, we’ve seen that components such as copper, silicon and zinc, which make up the insulating layer, have seen a price increase.”

    The cost of components such a copper coil and copper wire has gone up over the past decade, and the cost per watt of the heating element has gone down.

    The IEEE report, “Cost of microwave heating: Current trends and future directions,” estimates the cost to the industry of the two main components, copper and zinc.

    This includes the cost that it takes to make and install each unit.

    “It is therefore not surprising that prices of some microwave heating products have increased in recent years,” said IEEE research fellow Professor Daniel Pritchard.

    “While it is clear that the industry is moving towards a more efficient technology, it is also clear that a significant part of this growth has been driven by the increase in cost of some component components.”

    “It is likely that the overall cost of heating will continue to increase in the years ahead,” said Professor Pritborough.

    “It remains unclear, however, whether the industry can afford to maintain this price increase over the medium to long term.”

    “Although some microwaving products are now more expensive than other alternatives, these cost increases are still less than 10 percent of the cost increase of the average oven,” the report says.

    In addition, the report found that the heating elements used in some microwaved ovens are also becoming more cost effective as well.

    “If we assume that the cost is driven by components such the copper coil, the price increase for the copper is just 1 percent of a typical oven’s price,” the IEEE says.

    “These are high cost components and, therefore, we would expect that this price difference to be more apparent over time.”

    However, it could be argued that the rise in cost could be driven by a more marginal improvement in efficiency, which is unlikely to be significant in the short-term,” the study adds.

    It’s hoped that microwave manufacturers can lower the cost in the long-term.


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