Mac repair shops are likely to reopen on Monday as local residents seek to help repair the damage caused by a recent tornado that damaged a number of businesses in the area.

    The shops will operate as usual on Monday and Tuesday after receiving federal assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, according to a statement from the National Weather Service.

    “As the National Capital Weather Service (NCWS) is now in Mac and we have been in communication with the owners, it is likely that they will reopen as normal,” said National Weather Services Director Michael Oltman.

    The tornado hit a number to about 300 businesses in Mac Township on Sept. 22. “

    A lot of the shops were closed, so we can only speculate on how many will reopen.”

    The tornado hit a number to about 300 businesses in Mac Township on Sept. 22.

    The storm caused $500,000 in damage to a variety of businesses, including a large number of rental vehicles and trailers, a couple of large buildings, a church, a small church, and the local courthouse.

    Oltmann said the damage to the businesses was extensive.

    The NWS said the tornado was a direct result of the weather system, which had already caused significant damage in the past.

    The tornado damaged and destroyed at least three structures, damaged more than two dozen businesses and resulted in damage that included a tornado warning issued in some areas.

    The damage was estimated at $1 million, the NWS added.

    The National Weather Centre said the storm was centered near the community of Mac in the town of Fens, and had the potential to move south.

    The Fens tornado was the third tornado to hit Mac since Sept. 21.

    The first was a tornado in January 2018 that caused extensive damage and damaged several businesses.


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