The cost of replacing your watch or watch case could go up $300 to $600, the cost of repairing a convertible top and a repair for a broken engine, a new report from the Florida Department of Insurance shows.

    The average repair cost in Florida is $1,000 and the average repair for an auto glass repair is $800, according to the report released Wednesday.

    The report also showed that the cost to repair an auto top has risen by about $100 in the past year.

    The new report also shows that there is a wide disparity in how many auto glass repairs are repaired in Florida compared to other states.

    In the U.S., the median repair costs for an air conditioner are $4,000, according the report.

    The median repair cost for an electric vehicle is $2,000.

    The national average repair costs are $3,000 to $4.75.

    In Florida, a $100 repair bill for a convertible tops can run nearly $600.

    For a replacement of an engine, the repair bill is more than $1.5 million.

    In Alabama, an average repair bill could be $2.3 million.

    The National Consumer Law Center, a consumer advocacy group, said in a statement that the report was troubling because many auto repair companies have been caught overcharging consumers.

    The Center for Auto Repair and Insurance has reported that about one in four auto owners who file claims with the agency do not realize that the company is overcharging, and they often do not have access to insurance.

    The center is calling for an overhaul of the auto insurance industry, as well as better reporting on repair costs.


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