The first thing you’ll need to do is locate your truck.

    Check your owner’s manual or call the company’s repair centre.

    If you’ve lost your truck or if you’re worried about how your vehicle might affect your warranty, get a repair estimate from a reputable vehicle repair firm.

    If there’s a problem with the vehicle itself, or you’re concerned about damage to the truck’s paint, or the vehicle’s electrical system, check the vehicle owner’s warranty.

    If your vehicle is out of warranty, call the vehicle repair centre and ask them to assess your claim.

    If the repair centre can’t fix the problem, it may be possible to get a partial or full replacement for your truck, which is called a “service charge”.

    Check the service charge to see if it covers the cost of the repair.

    A service charge is not the same as a full or partial refund.

    If a service charge doesn’t cover the cost, you’ll be required to pay the full or half price for the service.

    Read more about repairing your truck if you’ve been left out of your warranty.

    Your insurer will cover some of the cost if you pay for a full replacement.

    Find out if the service cost covers your full or replacement price.

    If so, pay the service and the insurer will refund you the difference.

    If not, the vehicle will be covered by a service and/or replacement charge.

    If it doesn’t, the company may not cover the full price of the replacement and will likely ask you to pay more.


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