Repairing a broken screen can be a frustrating task.

    Here are some tips to keep things simple and avoid expensive surgery.


    Use a small screen cleaner 2.

    Clean the screen from the bottom and sides with a damp cloth 3.

    Use paper towels to wash the screen 4.

    Use warm water 5.

    Use your fingers and hands to move the screen around 6.

    Use tape or duct tape to secure the screen to the wall 7.

    Use the screw driver to unscrew the screen 8.

    Use some of the duct tape or tape to help secure the broken screen to your wall 9.

    Keep the window covered with duct tape and tape to protect it from the elements 10.

    Install a window screen replacement (the plastic is stronger than the glass) 11.

    Take a shower and wash the window before putting it back into the home.

    You can also keep it in the garage or put it outside to avoid the heat and humidity from outside.


    Try to make sure that the window screen is clear of debris and debris from the window frame.


    Replace the window in the evening and then wait until the window is completely dry.

    You may have to wait an hour for it to dry completely before you can take it back in. 14.

    If the window does not get replaced every six months, consider getting a window siding and replacing it with one that is much taller, thinner and has a larger glass window.