You can fix your smartphone without a replacement and still have a warranty, a new report from the National Consumer Law Center has found.

    The study found that consumers often do not realize how long it takes to get their phone fixed or that they may need to replace the phone with a cheaper model.

    The study also found that many consumers don’t have enough information about what repairs they need to perform to be confident that their phone is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

    And in the end, many consumers are left to pay for the repair out of pocket.

    “The number one reason consumers do not repair their phones is that they do not understand the repair process and they do what they feel is the right thing,” said the report’s co-author, Nancy Burd, an attorney at the Center for Consumer Freedom.

    Most smartphone owners have a phone that’s covered under their manufacturer’s “fixed” warranty, which covers all repairs made under normal use.

    But there’s a catch: If your phone gets damaged or lost, the manufacturer may have to pay you to replace it.

    That’s a tough problem for consumers to navigate.

    The NCLC study found consumers typically do not know how long a phone repair takes, and that many don’t understand how long their phone needs to be fixed or the fact that they might need to pay a deductible.

    In addition, the survey found many consumers think they need the manufacturer to pay when they don’t need it.

    For example, some people think if they don, they can replace their phone with the cheaper iPhone X, which is cheaper, but doesn’t have the same battery life.

    And if they want to buy a refurbished phone that has an iPhone X without an iPhone, the cost of that repair could exceed the manufacturer fee, according to the study.

    The most common reason consumers did not have the knowledge to make a decision about how long repairs were needed was because they didn’t know how much it would cost to fix a phone, according the study, which was released on Monday.

    “Many consumers do know that it’s not cheap to replace their iPhone, but they do it out of ignorance,” said Burd.

    Even when consumers do understand what repairs are required to make phones in good repair, it’s often not clear how much the manufacturer will reimburse them for their costs.

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    While consumers may think their phones are covered under a manufacturer’s new warranty, many companies do not offer full replacement coverage.

    Many consumers say they believe that if they get their phones fixed, the warranty will be renewed automatically, even if they haven’t purchased a new iPhone.

    But in reality, if a phone is damaged, the only way to get the warranty renewed is to purchase a new one.

    The problem is, many customers may not be aware that they will need to purchase the new iPhone and replace their old one.

    One in five consumers say that their phones don’t fit in their pocket, according an NCLS survey.

    In the survey, 61 percent said they didn�t know how to fit their phone in their wallet or purse, and another 38 percent said that they didn?t know that the phone would fit in the wallet or bag.

    The average phone repair cost for new phones in the U.S. is $14.50, compared to $18.60 for a new smartphone with an iPhone 7 or 8, according Burd’s report.

    It is a problem consumers are faced with on a regular basis, said NCLL President John Gartner, who said consumers should take their smartphone problems seriously.

    “It is frustrating to see so many people still choosing not to fix their phones when they know the cost and how long the repair will take,” Gartnersaid.