I don’t have a car.

    I don�t want a car, but I can�t afford to fix it.

    I�m not a car buyer.

    I just don�T know where to turn.

    I guess that�s the way it is, so I can get by without an electric car.

    So what should I do?

    I don�ts know how to tell someone I don �t have a house and I don��t have any money to fix their house,� said Bob Ritter, a former state representative from Ohio who owns a repair shop in Akron.

    I can’t pay for the car, I�ve got nothing,� Ritter said.

    My house is in shambles, I just can�ts find a job.

    So, what should people do?

    They should try to find somebody who�s willing to help them out, said Ritter. So, what�s your advice to people who have a financial need but are unable to find a qualified electrician?

    First, be very cautious and very clear with them.

    Make sure they know the rules.

    Make it clear to them that if they don�ll pay you, they don’t want to work with you.

    Don�t make it seem like there�s no job available, said Rob Pyle, owner of The Electrician in Cleveland.

    Second, when you find someone who is willing to do a job for you, talk to them about what they need to know about how they can afford the car.

    If they want to know how much they need, they should ask them.

    If you want to have a job, you have to find someone to do the work, said Pyle.

    Finally, if they�re willing to work, they can find a reputable electrician that has a good reputation.

    If there is no reputable electricians out there, call the electric company to see if there is a qualified person working there.

    There is nothing wrong with having an electrician do the job, said Mark Boles, director of community relations at the American Society of Automotive Engineers.

    But, he said, there are some things to keep in mind.

    Electricians have to be certified.

    That means they have to go through the required training.

    They have to have all the paperwork that is required to get a license to work in a car shop.

    And they also have to take their background checks.

    If someone is certified, that person must pass a background check.

    You have to understand that you need to do everything you can to make sure you have the right qualifications to be a licensed electrician, Boles said.


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