John Lewis will donate $10,000 to the repair of an “abnormally cracked screen” that led to the death of a teenage driver, according to a statement issued by the retailer.

    The driver, who was 15, was killed by the rear-end of a car that was headed to a gas station.

    The family of the teen has been asked to contribute $10k towards the cost of the repair.

    “John Lewis has reached out to us in an effort to provide this family with some much-needed financial support,” said the statement.

    “We are proud to say that we are now on the same page, and are grateful to John Lewis for the donation.”

    The company said the donation would be used to replace the defective leather screen and install a replacement, and “a second, fully functional screen that will be fully installed within the next month.”

    John Lewis, the largest U.S. retailer of vehicles, said in its statement that it had “made this important decision” after “discussions with the family and our suppliers.”

    “As part of our ongoing effort to protect our customers, we have agreed to donate a portion of our retail sales from our products to the family of John Lewis driver, Justin Smith, to repair the aberrations that led him to his tragic end,” the statement read.

    The statement did not say when Smith’s death might be resolved.

    John Lewis also announced plans to invest $500,000 in a new, state-of-the-art repair shop that would be located at the center of its flagship retail chain, according the company.

    The company has been struggling to survive as its sales have fallen sharply in recent years, and it recently announced a $2.5 billion restructuring that would result in an increase in spending and lay off hundreds of employees.


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