A man in Rome was “scared” when he was told to evacuate from his apartment because of the smell of a leaking boiler and a broken window, a court heard.

    The 27-year-old was living in a two-storey apartment in the suburb of Plio Svevo, close to the northern border with Slovenia, after being given permission to stay in the building in December 2015, according to the criminal complaint filed by the city’s prosecutor.

    “The landlord informed the tenant that he had received a call from the landlord informing him that a boiler leak was in the apartment, and that the tenant was supposed to leave, but that he would have to leave his apartment and leave the city,” the complaint reads.

    “In the meantime, the tenant, who was living alone, was terrified to leave.”

    The tenant said he was not afraid of the landlord and did not want to leave the apartment.

    “It was like a movie where the only thing I was afraid of was getting killed,” he told La Repubblica newspaper.

    “He said the whole time he was scared because he knew that this boiler was leaking.

    He said he knew it would get damaged.”

    He added: “He said that he felt that the city was on fire and he feared for his life.

    He also said he could not go outside because there was smoke in the air.”‘

    I was scared’: Man charged with arson after his boiler explodesInside the apartment a month later, the landlord found a note that read: “I have a message for you.

    You have to stay inside, or else we’ll blow your house up.”

    The next day, the next day and the next, the man was called by a police officer who asked him why he was afraid.

    “I said: ‘I was afraid because the boiler was getting damaged, because there were people around.

    I was scared,'” he told the newspaper.

    The man was then told by the landlord: “We’re going to evacuate the building because the smell is terrible.

    It’s going to be very bad, and we’ll have to destroy everything, because you’re scared.”

    He then asked why he could stay.

    “Because the city is on fire,” the landlord responded.

    “And because it’s raining, the wind is blowing the water in your face, so we have to do something.”

    After he said this, he said he started screaming in the kitchen.

    He told police he could smell the burning boiler, which was “very strong”.

    “I felt like I had just been hit by a car,” he said.

    “The landlord asked me if I had any gas in my apartment, because I had the smell.”

    The court heard that the landlord did not provide the information because he did not have a permit to do so.

    The landlord said he did nothing to prevent the leak, and the fire brigade responded to the building after he told them that the smell was “extremely bad”.

    “The boiler was completely destroyed and there was no gas inside the building,” he was quoted as saying.

    A police officer, who did not wish to be named, told La Stampa newspaper that the man did not speak English and was therefore unable to understand what he was saying.

    The incident has caused great concern in Rome.

    In addition to the fire danger, the building is also close to a large homeless camp, and people living in it often are concerned about noise and noise pollution, according the newspaper, which added that the fire could also have been caused by a faulty ceiling fan.

    “If you live here, you are in danger of not being able to breathe,” the newspaper quoted the officer as saying, adding that the building was also “extremely overcrowded”.