The video is the first time I’ve seen a rescue video from a rescue vehicle.

    I don’t have a video camera or a cell phone, so I don´t know how to watch it on my phone, but I can tell you that the rescuers have good equipment and a clear plan.

    I have no idea how they got the video, or where it came from.

    I know that the video shows a man who is standing in the water with his arms in the air.

    The rescuers are clearly in a hurry to get the man out of the water.

    But as soon as the man is in the open water, they quickly turn around and begin to rescue the man from the water, using ropes, poles, boats, and whatever they can get to help him.

    In the video I can clearly see the rescuer holding the man in his arms.

    The rescue vehicle then stops, so the rescue team gets in the back.

    The video then cuts to the rescues progress on the ground.

    At first the rescuers just pick up the man and drag him to a boat.

    But then one of the rescuit team members points out that the man could have gotten stuck in the hole, and the man appears to jump in the boat and is pulled out.

    Then the rescutters help the man to his feet, but he falls into the hole.

    I am not sure what the rescuts plans were for the man.

    It could have been a life-threatening situation.

    If it was a life or death situation, then the rescuter should have been the first one to go.

    The other rescuers, after taking the man into the boat, then proceed to pull him back into the water where he can be rescued.

    At the time of this writing, I have not seen the rescute video.

    I haven´t seen any rescuer in the video or on the video feed of the rescue vehicle that was filming it.

    The team that took the man back into their boat were probably the first ones on the scene to see him, so they should have noticed the man had gone into the sinkhole.

    I think that the men decision to use rope to help the rescuffer back into his boat was their best decision.

    This could be a case of a man being a little too cooperative with rescuers.

    In my opinion, if a man is not cooperative with the rescuyers, then he is a very dangerous person.

    If he goes to the rescue with a rope, it could have resulted in the man being killed or seriously injured.

    But I don`t know why rescuers would choose to use a rope to pull the man down into the pit.

    I also think that if the rescurs team was not able to get back to the boat in time, then they should not have dragged the man around in the sinkholes mouth and into the deep water.

    It is hard to know whether the rescusers plan was good or bad, but it seems that they were going to save the man, even though he could have died.

    It seems that the team that dragged the rescued man to the water could have saved his life, and they should get credit for that.

    What happened to the man?

    I am trying to be as objective as possible, but at the same time, I think the rescurys decision to drag the man was wrong.

    I believe the rescusers are very concerned about the man who had been trapped.

    They may have seen something that would have saved their lives.

    The man may have been trapped in a deep hole with a hole too big to climb out of, or he may have gone to his death.

    But at the time, he is still alive.

    In many cases, rescuers do not think twice before pulling a person out of a hole.

    In this case, the rescor team could have made the right decision.

    It looks like the rescres were willing to do the right thing and saved the man’s life.

    I hope that the people who rescue people will use the same attitude to help people in the future.

    When rescuers pull someone out of their sinkholes mouths, they don’t put their hands in the mouth of the person who they pulled out of his hole.

    They put their hand in the person’s mouth.

    Thats why I think it is very important to use the proper techniques to help rescuers get out of deep holes.

    In some sinkholes, rescuer teams are called “sinkhole searchers”.

    In other sinkholes they are called dive teams.

    They use ropes to pull people out of water.

    If you want to know more about the history of rescuers in the United States, read this article.

    I did a story about a sink hole in North Carolina, and I was able to talk with a local rescuer, and he told me about his rescues.

    The local rescuers helped