When you purchase a phone, you can expect to receive a number of messages, including the phone number you were given.

    Some of those messages will be addressed to your account.

    If you’ve had a phone repaired, you may be receiving those messages again.

    And those messages may not be what you think they are.

    CBS News is sharing a number or two of those phone repair messages with you to help you make an informed decision.

    First, check your account balance.

    If your phone is still active, there is no way to change the amount of money in your account and it will be there forever.

    If it has been repaired, the amount in your phone will be reset.

    If not, the message you received may indicate that the repairs were made on your behalf and the money in the account is no longer valid.

    If this is the case, you should be able to access your account again.

    If so, you need only do the following: Go to the billing account of your phone.

    Check the account balance and call the phone company to request the phone be repaired.

    When you do this, make sure you are calling from a phone that has not been used in more than 12 months.

    That’s important because the phone will have been on your account for about 12 months before it is restored.

    You’ll want to call the company to see if the phone was repaired before you started receiving the messages.

    If the phone has been on the account for 12 months, you’ll need to call again.

    But if the device is not on your phone for 12 years, you won’t need to ask again.

    You can find the phone you want repaired at the phone store or call a repair center to get it repaired.

    Repair companies can charge a small fee to repair your phone, depending on the age and complexity of the problem.

    Call the repair center for a quote.

    You may need to pay a $50 charge or more for a replacement phone or to get the phone repaired.

    If repairs have not been made and you want to know what happened, you will need to contact the phone manufacturer.

    If a repair is not made within the allotted time, the phone is not repaired and the amount is still in your customer’s account.

    You also will need a new phone, or if the repair was made within 12 months of the original phone, the manufacturer will provide you with a replacement.

    The company will notify you if repairs have been made.

    If there is still money in a customer’s phone account, they will ask you to provide a new number or credit to your phone account.

    The phone company will then issue you a new bill or credit card statement.

    If any of these steps were not completed correctly, your phone may not have been repaired and you’ll owe money.

    If repair work is complete and the repairs are complete, you’re back to square one.

    The next step is to call a phone repair shop to get your phone repaired or replaced.

    The repair shop will contact you and ask you for a repair price, or the amount you paid for the phone.

    The repairs are free, but you’ll have to pay the cost of the repair yourself.

    You will then receive a refund from the repair company.

    The only thing left to do is contact the credit card company and make sure the repair is completed.

    If everything is correct, your bill or card statement will show the amount paid for repairs and the balance in your credit card account.

    Call your phone company and find out what you can do.

    You have two options to go to the repair shop.

    The first option is to make a phone call to the phone maker.

    Some phone companies, like Verizon and AT&T, will accept phone repair requests from you.

    If all goes according to plan, you might even be able get your old phone back in the mail.

    The second option is for you to contact a phone store.

    You don’t need a phone to make an insurance claim.

    Call one of the phone companies that are listed on their website.

    You should receive a call from a repair company with a phone number.

    Once the repair has been completed, call the repair store again.

    The owner of the telephone company will be able give you a phone bill or the repair estimate for your phone to complete.

    You could even get a phone from the company and have it repaired and replaced.

    If only a small part of the repairs is complete, it’s unlikely that you will get the replacement phone.

    You must send in the remaining parts of the phones.

    If some parts of your old phones have been left in the car, you could also send them in to the shop.

    If no parts are in the shop, you must call the manufacturer and send them a request to send parts to the factory.

    The manufacturer will then send the parts to your repair shop for you.

    Once your parts are ready, you have a new replacement phone in your possession.

    It might take