A newbie to window repair?

    You’re not alone.

    The cost of repairing your own windows has grown over the years, with the average cost of a new window repair kit currently hovering around $5,000.

    “We all want to know how to fix our own windows,” said Eyal.

    And if you want a cheap and easy fix, you’ll want to get one from us.

    For our first-time customers, Eyal said they’re not worried about the cost.

    “[We know] that our repair kit is cheaper than what you might find elsewhere,” he said.

    We’re not just looking for the cheapest, Eyapov said.

    We have an extensive list of suppliers.

    Our main goal is to make the repair kit affordable for our customers.

    It’s important to understand that if you are a new customer and you don’t want to spend the money, you can always call us for an appointment to discuss it with our experts.

    This is why we recommend that you contact us on your first visit, Eyupov said, so you can get a better understanding of what’s needed and how to proceed.

    The most important thing, Eyapsov said is that you always tell us your exact window problem.

    Even if you do get an appointment, Eyapoov said it’s important for you to ask about the repair plan so that you can plan accordingly.

    You may not need to call Eyaposv to see what you can fix, but if you find a solution, Eyapping said you’ll be able to keep it in mind when you’re next shopping.


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