A new vacuum cleaner or two could save you thousands of pounds in fuel and maintenance costs.

    The latest research shows you could save thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs by buying a pair of vacuum cleaners, according to research from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RSPA). 

    The research found that, on average, the average consumer spends around £600 a year on petrol, diesel and hybrid car fuel costs, while a vacuum cleaners costs around £800 a year. 

    The RSPA also found that a vacuum cleaning is likely to save you money on your fuel bill by reducing your vehicle’s emissions and improving your air quality.

    “It’s not about buying a big-ticket item like a new car or expensive appliance, but finding a vacuum or cleaning product that meets your needs,” RSPAs senior scientist, Professor Richard Smith, said.

    “There are many vacuum cleaners out there, so you could potentially save yourself a fortune on your petrol bill and petrol consumption, and it would help you save on the amount of time you spend travelling, buying groceries and cleaning up after yourself.”

    A new vacuum cleaning could save your car costsA study by the RSPAA has found that it’s worth buying a vacuum and cleaning product with a cleaner that is “environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, and recyclable”.

    The RSPEA also recommends people buy a pair or more of cleaning products to save money on petrol and diesel costs.

    A new model vacuum and vacuum cleaner has the potential to save the UK economyThe RSSA also says that vacuum cleaners can be a great way to save on your car maintenance and repair bills.

    The RSA study suggests a new model of vacuum cleaner is a great alternative to buying a new vehicle, and the research suggests that buying a second set of vacuum filters is a good way to cut down on the fuel you burn in your car.

    The study found that the average car owner spends around 5,000 miles a year servicing their vehicle, so buying a cleaning kit to keep your car in top condition could save an estimated £100 a year from fuel costs.

    “The savings in fuel cost would be worth it to save thousands or even tens of thousands of pound, if you’re a long-term vehicle owner who needs to spend more than five, ten or even 20,000 mile a year, so that’s one of the big savings you can potentially make,” RSSAs senior policy officer, Chris Jones, said, adding that it was also worth considering how to save a lot on your air emissions.

    “If you’ve got a vacuum that’s clean, then you’ve reduced your vehicle emissions, so if you have a high-quality cleaning product in your home, you’re probably doing yourself and your neighbours a good job,” he said.

    It’s cheaper to replace a vacuum if you’ve already owned it”The RSDAs research suggests a vacuum may also be a better investment if you are a long time owner of the appliance.”

    If you’re just buying it for one time and you’ve never owned it, then it may be a good idea to buy it on the back of that.”


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