Apple screens have been in a state of disrepair since the company bought them in 2008, and it is only now that Apple is beginning to address the issue.

    A survey from the UK’s online retailer Zappos found that nearly a third of its customers reported that they had experienced a screen repair issue after a break-in.

    Zappomos also found that Apple has not been making good on its promises of an iPad replacement for years, saying that customers were not getting replacements for the devices that they bought.

    The survey, which surveyed 1,000 UK consumers, found that most of those who reported having had a screen break-up had a refurbished iPad.

    In fact, most of the respondents said that they only received a replacement device, which was an iPad mini.

    However, when it comes to Apple’s response to the issue, the survey found that customers have not been getting a replacement for their broken iPads, despite the fact that Zappoos claims that consumers are getting replacements.

    The Zappo survey said that “a significant number” of respondents had received replacement devices.

    When asked about the results of the survey, ZappOS founder Simon Ward told CNNTech, “I don’t know if it’s due to poor customer service, it could be a mix of both.”

    Zappos CEO Simon Ward says the company has not seen an increase in customers ordering a replacement product after receiving a breakage.

    When asked about that claim, Ward told the publication, “It’s certainly possible.

    If it’s the right product that we’re building, we’ll be able to find a solution.”

    Zapps CEO Simon Hall added that the company is working with Apple to fix the problem, and has already started to ship replacement products.

    However, Ward believes that the issue has not reached a point where he believes Apple is ready to replace an iPad, and instead says that the only thing that the firm can do is “help customers get more value from their iPad.”

    “We’ve heard that there is a good amount of confusion about the iPad replacement process, and the general public does not seem to be fully aware of the process that Apple requires,” he added.

    “We are working to make that clear.”