It was a year ago this week that we all started seeing the new season of Game of Thrones.

    It was the moment when the show finally got right back into its groove.

    Its first half was an incredible ride, a time for a group of strangers to gather for a drink, reminisce about their favorite episodes, and chat about the new adventures of the show’s main characters.

    It felt like something out of a fairy tale, a way for the show to let its fans in on a bit of the story, even if the characters themselves were nowhere near as memorable as the show itself.

    But then we saw the second half, which was the real meat of the episode.

    The final scene of the season’s premiere showed a young boy named George, and his friend, the little girl Sansa.

    Sansa is in a room, holding a small book with a message written on it: “You will save the world someday.”

    This was something that George had been talking about for years.

    In the years before, George had never really talked about the possibility of the world saving itself.

    When he got the chance to talk to Sansa, he couldn’t believe that the girl was the one who would be saving the world.

    “I thought, Wow, this girl, this is a real person,” George said, in an interview with BuzzFeed News this week.

    “It was the first time I saw a real, grown woman being a badass.

    She’s not like a cartoon character.

    She was real.

    She had her own life.

    I didn’t know what to say.

    ” George remembers saying. “

    “So, she goes, ‘I am a girl!’

    ” George remembers saying.

    He had always known he was a boy.

    But he hadn’t realized it until now.

    George knew that there were a lot of girls in his life who had never had the chance.

    As a kid, George’s favorite TV show was the Teen Wolf.

    His favorite movie was Batman Forever.

    His biggest crush was Princess Diana.

    George’s best friend was a girl named Daisy.

    George said. “

    She was like, You’re crazy!”

    George said.

    “Sansa, are you serious?”

    She thought for a moment, and then said, “I’m just a nerd.”

    And then she smiled and hugged him.

    George was stunned, as he’d been before, and he felt something else too.

    “That’s how I felt when I saw Sansa in that scene,” he said.

    Sansan was real, but she was still a little boy.

    “So Sansa gets a little bit excited when she hears this story about a boy saving the whole world,” George continued.

    “And she goes back to her room, and she opens the book and she reads a little about this boy.

    And that’s when she really starts to understand why this little boy is the hero in the world.”

    In a lot the way George had envisioned, the story of Sansa and George’s first meeting was just a little girl making a little friend out of an older man.

    But the real revelation was when George began to realize that Sansa had become something more.

    She wasn’t just the girl in the book.

    She’d become a real boy, someone who was doing things differently.

    And in doing so, Sansan’s world changed.

    “We went through this weird phase in the second season where I was just like, I don’t want to talk with this girl anymore,” George recalled.

    “My mom would go out of her way to get me to stop talking to this girl.”

    But when Sansa decided to speak with George about his dream of saving the planet, he was ready to do it.

    He’d been looking for the perfect opportunity to be a hero since he was eight years old, when he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

    George had a knack for finding ways to help others, so he became a math genius, studying at Stanford University.

    He was studying computer science and computer graphics, but he never got into computer games.

    But Sansa gave him a gift.

    In his junior year, George was working on his own project and decided to take a trip to Japan.

    George said he had to have his head examined by a doctor to confirm that he was not autistic.

    When the doctor said he was, George immediately recognized his genius.

    “Oh, my god,” George remembered thinking.

    “There’s a little kid in Japan that is going to change my life forever.

    I’m going to be the first person to do something like this.”

    And he had no problem going along with it.

    For the next three years, George would take Sansa out to dinner and dinner parties and out to movies and restaurants.

    He would get to know Sansa through online gaming and even talk to her on Skype