I have been looking for an old rug repair guy for the past two years.

    I found out about him through a Craigslist ad and he was willing to pay me $100 to help me replace a rug that had fallen on my living room floor.

    It’s been years since I was home from work, so I’ve had a hard time getting a new rug.

    This was a great deal because I know that I am going to need it for the next few years.

    In the meantime, I decided to look up some other repair companies and I found one online that has great prices and a friendly staff.

    My first experience with this company was with the rug repair job I was doing at home, and I am glad that I went with him.

    He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable and the rug was actually covered with adhesive to keep it looking like new.

    The rug was only replaced once, but I did notice some small stains on the inside of the rug.

    I’m glad I did and it’s a great lesson to learn.

    I would definitely recommend this rug repair company.

    I have the rug and am looking forward to having it replaced.

    I am also looking forward the next repair I need to do on my fridge, because I just received it.