If you’re having trouble hearing the music on your stereo, you might be trying to fix your subwoofers yourself.

    It’s possible to fix subwoobles with a simple, but effective DIY solution, but the Audi A6’s sub is arguably the most important part of the system, so its maintenance is crucial.

    First, check if your sub is properly installed, and then install it as best you can.

    Here are a few suggestions to help you out.

    DIY installation first If you don’t know how to install subwoosters, it’s best to do it yourself first.

    You can’t afford to mess up your sub if you’re not doing it right, so if you have to do this, do it right.

    If you do need help installing subwoos, we recommend the DIY-guide from Audi.

    Check the manual to find the right installation instructions for your car.

    Install the sub on the side of the dash, behind the steering wheel.

    If your sub will not fit under the dash in a standard way, you may need to mount it on the trunk.

    Do this by placing the sub in a small box on the dashboard, and placing a bracket on the sub that will hold it in place.

    Make sure the bracket fits securely and that the bracket does not pinch the sub, but don’t over-tighten it.

    Once the bracket is in place, turn on your sub.

    If the sub doesn’t seem to work, you can use the supplied torque wrench to tighten the sub bolts.

    Repeat this for the other side of your car, if you plan to use it as a subwooper.

    Once you have both sides of your sub in place and tightened, you’ll need to attach the sub to the subwoobs.

    Follow the instructions on the rear of the sub.

    This is the main area of your Audi that you want to look at.

    The subwoop will be attached to the left speaker, and the left rear subwoobi will be connected to the right speaker.

    You will want to use a 1/4″ T-nut, as the 2-inch T-nuts are weak.

    Install both subwoops, and make sure they are connected properly.

    If any subwoosh sounds, your sub may not be properly connected to your sub, and may need repair.

    The most important thing to note is that the sub’s driver cable should be on the left side of its chassis.

    If it’s not, you will need to add a small piece of PVC tape to the cable to help keep it in.

    This will ensure that the cable is firmly attached to your Audi.


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