You might be surprised to learn that if you have a garage with drywall, you can install a stand that allows you to use a standard drywall router or install a drywall drywall stand.

    This is an easy DIY project that requires only a few simple tools.1.

    Find the right type of drywall you need2.

    Measure your wall to get the dimensionsYou want to measure the wall to determine the dimensions of your new drywall installation.

    Measure from the center of the wall into the wall.

    This will help you determine how wide your stand will be and how long it will be.

    Measure the width of the stand from the edge of the drywall.

    This can be easily accomplished by measuring the length of the piece of drystone from the wall’s edge to the centerline of the panel you want to install.3.

    Measure to the nearest inch.

    This is the best way to measure your drywall to ensure you’re building a square drywall panel.

    Measure around the edges of the board to the closest inch.4.

    Measure into the center.

    This step will take some patience, but you will be rewarded with a good, square dry wall panel.5.

    Measure across the width and length of your dry wall.

    Once you’ve measured the width, the length, and the distance, you will have to measure across the length and width to determine which way to install your stand.

    Measureing across the whole length of a dry wall will be a little tricky, so measure the corners to the left and right of the edge.6.

    Insert the dry wall panels into the stand.

    Attach the panels to the dry panel with adhesive and secure with screws.

    The drywall can be tricky to install when you’re using the dry board, so it’s best to use an old drywall wall to mount the panels.

    The panels will look nice and square when installed.7.

    Place the stand on the dry surface.

    Mount the stand with a dryboard.

    The dryboard should be square and the corners should be straight.

    Make sure the dryboard is parallel to the wall and that the corner is centered in the drydock.

    The corners should extend out to the edges.8.

    Attach the dry panels to your drydocks.

    Attach your dry panel to your walls with screws and attach the dry dock to your wall.9.

    Install the dry drywallpanel.

    The best way for this to work is to connect the dry boards together with duct tape.

    If you have extra drywall or want to have a better chance of success, you may need to install the dry strips into the dryer first.