In Jerusalem, windows have become a source of frustration for residents of the city’s most populous neighbourhood, Beit Safafa, who complain of the constant repair of the broken glass.

    The broken glass is often the only part of a building that remains functional and that residents want repaired, a frustration many residents feel they don’t have the right to complain about.

    “In Beit Sa’ad, the windows of the most expensive buildings are broken all the time, because it’s not worth the money to repair them,” said Zvi Guttman, an architect who lives in Beit Sufim.

    “And the most affordable apartments in Beits Safafa are not repaired, either.”

    The city’s housing authority said it was working with the municipality of Beit Sava to create an app that would help residents find and fix broken windows.

    “The app will include an indicator that shows the amount of money needed for repairs, a video of the damage and, if necessary, the repair schedule,” said Guttmann, adding that the app would be available for both iPhones and Android devices.

    “I hope that it will be used as an option for residents to report broken windows,” Guttmans family business, The Rheinische Guttmen Company, said in a statement.

    The company was founded by Gutteman, who was born in Israel.

    The app would also help the municipality identify and fix the broken windows, Guttaman said.

    According to the city, the number of broken windows on Beit Sap is growing by about 10% a year.

    The city has also been working with local NGOs to create a project to provide a repair center for broken windows and to educate residents about how to fix them.

    In September, the city launched a pilot program that provided residents with free windows repairs and offered them incentives to do the repairs.

    The city said it would also offer the city with up to $1,000 to replace the broken window on the roof of a public housing project.

    The pilot program, which began last year, saw 30 buildings and 1,000 residents, including Guttiman, receive a free window repair.

    The program has not been extended to all of the buildings in the city.

    The ministry said the project will be rolled out to other public housing projects in the next six months.

    “We want to provide this service in order to save lives and make the building more accessible for people with physical disabilities,” said Beit Sidonia, the municipality’s chief of public works.

    In an interview with Al Jazeera, Gudman said the app was designed with “the goal of improving the lives of the residents of Beits Sap”.

    “There is a huge demand for windows,” she said.

    “We don’t know what will happen after the program ends.

    We don’t even know how many people will receive repairs.”‘

    We are all broken’In the past year, several buildings have been hit by fire.

    In January, the Israeli army was forced to intervene to rescue a group of people from a burning building in Beites Sap.

    In February, a Palestinian family living in a home in Beite Sap were among the casualties of a fire that gutted their house.

    The government also has been trying to prevent residents from living in certain areas of the Old City of Jerusalem.

    A city government official told Al Jazeera that the government was working on the development of a comprehensive policy to regulate the building in question.

    “If the policy were implemented, all residents would be subject to the same rules,” the official said.

    The official said the policy would cover the entire city, including the Old and New City, but added that the city had not yet decided on whether it would be implemented across all the areas.