Updated March 02, 2019 17:16:36A South Korean carmaker is recalling a lot of vehicles because they have broken glass from windshields that may have been installed with a plastic adhesive.

    Key points:The recall is due to a faulty adhesive that was used to attach the windows to the vehicle’s bodyThis glue may have made it difficult to remove the windshield and cause damage to the paintThe company says it has been notified by the Australian government and is investigatingThe recall affects about 30,000 vehicles in South Korea, where the average vehicle is estimated to cost about $16,000.

    In a statement, Samsung said:”Due to a manufacturing defect, the adhesive on windshields attached to the body of our vehicles may have caused damage to paint and glass.”

    “We are investigating the cause of the issue and will be in touch with our customers.”

    “This is a safety issue and we are in the process of making corrective changes to the adhesive to address the issue.”

    The adhesive used to install the windshield was manufactured by the Japanese firm Shinkansen.”

    This recall is for affected vehicles and the affected adhesive has been removed.”

    The adhesive used to install the windshield was manufactured by the Japanese firm Shinkansen.

    It is known to cause damage when it comes to paint, glass and the car’s roof.

    Samsung said it was investigating the issue.

    It is a matter for the Australian and South Korean governments, which have no authority to issue recall orders.

    Australia’s Roads and Maritime Services said it had contacted Samsung to offer advice.

    South Korea’s ministry of transport said it would be conducting an investigation.

    “It’s an issue of national significance, as this is a critical industry,” a spokesman said. ABC/wires


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