A small engine repair shop in California is the only one left standing after a Tesla crashed into its garage during a demonstration of its electric motors.

    The shop is run by a small electric motor-repair business called Energy Power and Service.

    “The Tesla was doing about 60 miles an hour, and when the battery came down, it started to fall,” said Joe Crouch, the shop’s owner.

    “So we had to start putting it back together and getting it back on the road.

    That’s when we decided to go on and do the repair ourselves.”

    The shop, which was set up by a group of friends, has been in business since 2014.

    Energys owner and founder, Mike Niehaus, says he was inspired to start the shop after the crash.

    “We had just been looking for a way to get some more horsepower out of the battery in a small amount of time, and it’s hard to make any kind of quick decisions,” he said.

    “This was one of the few opportunities that we could have, so we just thought it would be cool to do a small repair.”

    Mr Niehas work began after the Tesla crashed in California.

    “I got a call from one of our friends who lives in a rural area of California, who was kind of a big Tesla fan,” he recalled.

    “He was like, ‘Do you guys want to do this?’

    It was kind to see, the car was flying, it was on its roof. “

    It was really quiet that day, so when I got to work, I got up, and there was a big crash in the garage.

    He says the only thing that kept the repair business going was his wife, who kept calling and asking if she could get a loan. “

    There was a lot of smoke, and the car started to roll down the hill and hit the ground.”

    He says the only thing that kept the repair business going was his wife, who kept calling and asking if she could get a loan.

    The repair shop was founded in 2014.

    The owners hope to expand the business into the future.

    “You know, we’re just really fortunate that we have a big, old, well-built, high-powered car that’s in the US and we have all the tools to fix it,” Mr Nieshaus said.

    After the crash, the owners of the shop had to call in another group of Tesla owners to help them with the repairs.

    The owner of the business, Dave Wiesman, who is also a Tesla owner, says his first reaction when he heard about the crash was, “That’s horrible.

    That was really bad.”

    He said he is happy that the shop has survived and is now able to work.

    “What a wonderful experience it was,” he told Al Jazeera.

    “It really changed the lives of people who would otherwise not have had the chance to do something like this.”

    The owners have been working on the Tesla since the crash and hope to bring the business back to its former glory.

    “At least it’s something we can use now,” Mr Wiesmans wife, Sarah Wiesmann, said.