Part of the story: Italia have the best team in the world, but they’re also the worst team in Serie A. They’ve conceded a record 38 goals in Serie B, and their defence has been atrocious. 

    Fiumicinos defence is a joke. 

    It’s a problem because their style of play is designed to stop you from scoring goals. 

    As a result, the Italian team are a nightmare for opponents to play against, and even worse for goal scorers. 

    You can argue they should’ve done better last season, but Fiumiccino aren’t the best in the league, they’re the worst. 

    The good news is Fiuminicinos team has been improved by the new era of the brand and a new owner. 

    I’m going to look at the key changes to their defensive line, and the changes to the midfield in their squad, as well as how to deal with the Fiolo system. 

    There’s also some news on the signings of Alessandro Nesta, Antonio Cassano and Simone Zaza. 

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