The list of treadmill repair facilities has grown over the years with several companies offering repair services, which is great news for the average Indian.

    There are currently more than 40 companies offering the repair services of treadmill machines.

    Most of these are based in the US, Australia, and Europe.

    However, there are also some Indian companies offering this type of repair.

    Here are the top treadmill repair shops in the country.1.


    T treadmill repair shop (Suresh Chandra Birla)The A. B.

    D, S.T., R.K., K.A., and T.R., a.k.a.

    The treadmill repair and repair service, is an Indian company.

    It offers a variety of treadmill repairs and maintenance for every type of treadmill.

    It also has a full line of treadmill accessories.

    It is also known for its high quality and quality-oriented products.

    The shop is located at 11 A. R. Road, Kanpur.2.


    Boys and girls Treadmill Repair (K.M., KAB)K.

    B is a fitness trainer and a former member of the Suresh Yoga Association.

    It was founded in 2001.

    The Treadmills is a unique machine that is specially designed for men.

    The machine has a total of five treadmills in total.

    KAB is a small shop located at 7-11 G. Road Kanpur, Kanpuri.3.


    K, T.

    K & S.

    K (KAB)This is one of the most popular treadmill repair services for the people of Kanpur and other areas in the state.

    It has been in business since 2009 and offers many different treadmill repair solutions including repair and maintenance of treadmill, chair and other accessories.

    This is a gym located at 5-10 K. Road Kanchipuram Kanpur Kanpur City, Kanping, Kanapur.4.

    Kalyan, P.K.-M.

    Kalyan (Kalyana)Kalyaan is a shop with a good reputation and is one that offers a wide range of treadmill and other treadmill repair products.

    Kalinga is a popular store in Kanpur with over 500 different treadmill accessories in stock.

    It’s located at 9-10 G. Rd Kanpur Kanchapuram, Kanpsur.5.

    Ramesh Kalyani (Ramesh, Prakash)Ramesha Kalyane, a yoga teacher and owner of Ramesha Yoga Academy, is a renowned yoga instructor and a founder of this shop.

    Ralsh is a yoga guru and founder of the Prakesh Yoga Academy in Kanping.

    Rallsh and Ralsha are the founders of Prakasha Yoga Academy and they are also the owners of the Kalyana Yoga Center in Kanpur.

    The Kalyans shop is at 15-20 G. G. road Kanpur Village, Kanpaipur.6.

    Ragesh Yoga Academy (R.A.)

    This shop is also one of those that offers the best quality of treadmill & chair repair products in the city.

    The Praksh Yogas Academy offers different types of treadmill products for men, women, kids and seniors.

    The Ragesha Yoga Institute also offers treadmill repair, chair repair, and other chair repair services.

    It located at 15/10 R. Rd.

    Kanpur village Kanpur city, Kanpai.7.

    Kansh Yoga Center (Kansh, K.C.)

    This is a traditional Kanshi yoga centre that offers its products in a well-appointed and comfortable shop.

    The store has several other fitness shops such as Kansha Yoga Centre, Kansho Yoga Center, Kanishka Yoga Center and others.

    The facility also has an excellent collection of fitness equipment.

    It operates from 9-11 A. Rd Kanspuri KanpurKansha Village, Kancheri.8.

    The Sureshi Yoga Centre (S.K.)

    This well-established Kanchers yoga centre is one among the best in the town.

    It provides the best high quality treadmill repair & repair services in Kanpeta.


    K has a good collection of treadmill related accessories in its shop.

    It resides at 9 S. Rd., Kanpur Chikwada, Kanpet.9.

    Kanchi Yogas (Kanchi)This popular shop located in Kanpaty, Kanpan, provides all kinds of fitness accessories and fitness accessories for women and men.

    It maintains a great inventory of high quality, affordable fitness equipment including fitness shoes, treadmill accessories, chair, and many other accessories in the shop.

    Kanchesi is also a famous place in Kanpan for yoga sessions.

    It consists of two branches: the first branch has a high quality collection of yoga equipment in their shop and the second branch offers the most up-to-date