Apple has updated its screen repair app with a new feature that lets you repair broken screens, including some with cracked glass and scratches.

    The new screen restoration app is now available for iOS and Apple Watch, and Apple says it’s now also available for the Apple Watch.

    Apple says it created the new app “to help repair screen breakage, particularly those with cracked and/or scratched glass.”

    The new app is available in both English and Spanish, and will help restore broken screens to their original condition.

    Here’s what you need to know about screen repair:Screen Restoration If you’re trying to fix a screen that’s broken or damaged, Apple says you’ll need to download the new screen repair tool, which is available for both iOS and Watch.

    The app is designed to allow you to download a file of screen photos, then upload that file onto your Apple Watch for repair.

    The file can be as small as an image of a cracked screen, and as large as a full resolution photo of the screen.

    You’ll need the Apple Health app installed to take pictures of your screen, then copy them to your Apple watch for repair, according to Apple.

    The app will also allow you download the repair photos and send them to Apple for repair by email, and the app will send you the repair files, which you can then send to Apple via email or the Apple App Store.

    There’s also a screen repair tip sheet in the new iPhone app.

    How to repair a broken iPhone screen:First, open up the new Apple Watch app.

    Click the icon in the upper right corner of the Apple watch screen.

    Select Repair.

    Next, click on the button in the top right corner.

    Select Apple Watch Repair.

    On the Apple device screen, tap the option to the left of the phone icon.

    In the left panel, click More Information.

    In another screen, click Apple Health.

    On the Apple iPhone screen, touch Apple Health and then tap the screen to the right of the health bar.

    Select Apple Health, then click More Info.

    Then tap Apple Watch repair.

    You can download the screen repair files from the Apple website or from the iPhone app in the iPhone’s Health section.

    Apple says the repair tool will only work for a single iPhone at a time.


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