Car Glass repair and repairs are now a necessity in Casamaros, Mexico.

    This is thanks to the efforts of a Casamaran who is determined to make his hometown a shining example for all of the good people of Mexico.

    The local car repair shop, Car-Glass, opened its doors to the public on Tuesday.

    The owners, a pair of brothers and their sons, have been repairing cars for about five years.

    The brothers’ grandfather, José Luis, was an auto mechanic in Casablanca when the town was founded.

    He died a few years ago, but Car-glass has always been in the business.

    On Tuesday, the brothers opened their shop to the world, as well as the general public.

    The shop specializes in repairing car glass, as they have done since before the 1950s.

    It’s a business that pays off.

    The brothers are also making sure that their business isn’t forgotten in Casará.

    They are using local materials and equipment to help the people of Casamaras community.

    They have even gone so far as to donate some of their equipment to the local health institute to help those in need.

    They want to continue to improve the quality of life in Casaranas, especially for those who are not working.

    Car-greens are also trying to bring back the old cars and parts that were built before the 1970s, which was a time of economic boom and a time when Casaranos was at the forefront of the automobile industry.

    In the process, the business is also trying its best to bring a little bit of history back into the Casaras area.

    “I think it’s important to remember that there is history here,” said José Luis.

    “The old cars were here before the car factories and the car parts were made here before.

    We want to help to bring that back.”

    For the brothers, the hope is that by bringing back the history of Casarás, the people will remember the work they do, and that the new ones will be built by the people.


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