Feds are investigating a new class of air conditioner that has the potential to cost customers more than $1,000.

    The Air Conditioner Manufacturers Association (ACMA) says it has received a dozen complaints about the device that is being marketed as a cost-effective alternative to the popular air conditioners.

    The ACMA says consumers are being misled about the health risks of using the air conditionerm.

    “The ACMAA has received numerous complaints from consumers who have purchased the Air Conditioners in this market,” said Dan Stelmach, a senior vice president for government affairs for ACMA.

    “The majority of these complaints have come from consumers purchasing the Air conditioners in an attempt to save money on their air conditioning.”

    Some of the complaints are coming from consumers buying the AirConditioners for themselves.

    A company called My Air Condition was sued for selling the AirConditions as a replacement for conventional air condition air condition.

    The complaint claims the Airconditions are “extremely expensive” and that “customers are being mislead about the potential health risks” of using them.

    “We have received numerous reports of consumers purchasing these AirConders for personal use, and have seen some consumers reporting that the Air Conditions are extremely expensive and that consumers are experiencing serious health risks,” said My Air Cond.

    “We have reached out to customers and consumers to provide additional information on these Air Conditionings.”

    Consumer Reports has a review on the AirCamps.com website that says it is “inaccurate and misleading.”

    It also warns consumers about potential health effects from using the Airconditioners.

    “It’s hard to believe that people who claim to have purchased a Air Conditionerm to save $1.00 a month are going to be able to actually do so,” said Consumer Reports’ David Mather.

    “Even if the product works for one household, it’s still a product that is very expensive and it could cause significant health problems for a large number of people.”ACMA also has launched a public awareness campaign about the AirMates and AirCondoms.


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