A $5 a pop repair can cost up to $20,000 and it takes years of experience to master the craft.

    But when it comes to car windows, the odds of your repair shop or air conditioner shop making it through the winter are vanishingly small.

    But now you can have a $20 car window repaired for as little as $3, and the result is a $2,500 savings.

    “It’s the easiest way to save money,” said Bill Johnson, owner of Johnson & Associates in Northampton, Massachusetts, which has repaired more than 100,000 vehicles in the past 30 years.

    “We don’t use a lot of fancy equipment, but I know a lot about windows.”

    Johnson & Assoc.

    is a relatively small window repair business that specializes in repairing window-repairing windows, window-shading doors and doors for people with vision loss.

    Johnson & ASSOC.

    is the only window repair shop in Massachusetts with a car window-shingling program.

    This program uses a high-tech technique called window-smoothing.

    Johnson& ASSOC.’s window-sniffing dog, which is trained to detect the presence of blood, urine and cigarette smoke in the windows, is equipped with a sensor that sends out signals to alert the owner of a window that it has been inspected.

    A car window is then cleaned using a special cleaning solution that includes a special brush and a high speed motor that is turned at speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

    “The window is inspected to make sure it’s not blood, and then we clean it with a specially formulated solution,” Johnson said.

    The process can take between six and eight hours, but it’s all done with a professional’s attention and precision.

    The car window’s window-blowing is done by a specially trained, trained dog called a ‘Sassy,’ which is equipped to sniff out blood and smoke, Johnson said, adding that a car owner can opt to have a Sassy perform the job for $150 to $200.

    In addition to window-cleaning, Johnson & ASA’s air conditioners can be repaired in a similar way.

    The windows in these air condition and air conditioning units can be removed using a simple brush and fan, Johnson added.

    This process can last between five and 10 hours, depending on the size and condition of the unit.

    If the air condition unit is not functioning properly, the windows can be replaced, he said.

    Johnson’s office is located at 1426 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001.

    He can be reached at [email protected]