We asked the people who have been doing repairs on their bikes for the past 20 years.

    And we found out: the average price per repair is $12,000.

    Here’s what they had to say.1.

    Harley Davidson bike repair serviceA $12K Harley Davidson repair is usually a one-time affair.

    The bike is covered by a warranty and the owner can return it for free.

    But it can take years to recover the cost.

    The best time to call Harley Davidson is after the warranty expires, which can be done in a matter of weeks.2.

    Al Green bike repair shopA $10,000 Harley Davidson will generally have the best price, since it’s covered by the same warranty.

    The owner will usually have to pay for the bike’s paint, but you can usually replace parts without needing to go to Al Green.3.

    Kite Bike repair shopThe Kite repair shop is also pretty cheap, though the cost is usually higher than the other bike shops.

    It’s not as much fun as the other repair shops, but there’s nothing you can’t do at Kite.4.

    Schwinn bike repairshopAnother bike shop, Schwinn offers bike repairs at a lower price than Al Green, and the bike shop owner usually pays for the repair.

    It will typically take the owner at least two years to get back the money he’s lost.5.

    Bontrager bike repair shopsA $20,000 bike will generally be a one time affair, but it can often take two to three years to pay off the repair, which is typically done in one of the following two ways:You can usually go to Bontrac and pick up a bike, but the process may take a few months, depending on the bike, the owner and how much the bike is worth.

    The owner will generally pay for repairs himself, so you might not be able to do it for yourself.

    The bikes typically have to be returned, so the owner will have to have a few hundred dollars to pay the bill.6.

    S&W bike repairShop owners usually need to pay $50 for the repairs, which you can do online or through the phone.

    The process may be longer if you’re not from the U.S., but it usually involves someone from the S&Ws shop and the cost will be covered by S&w.7.

    Kawasaki bike repairservice Kawasaki makes a few more bikes that are covered by its warranty than Al Greens bike repair.

    So it’s a good idea to check your bike and its warranty.8.

    Honda repair shopservice Honda makes a couple of bikes that you can buy from Kawasaki, so it’s not a bad idea to try out a couple before making a purchase.9.

    Kawashima bike repairA $5,000 Honda will typically be covered.

    The repair is often done in the dealership, so your dealer won’t have to go out of his way to help you.10.

    Yamaha bike repairYou can also check out the repair at Yamaha.

    It may take some time to get a full refund.11.

    Yamaha repair shopIf you’re from the United States, the Honda, Kawasaki or Yamaha shops are usually pretty cheap.

    But check the shop’s website or Yelp to see what’s on sale.12.

    Kawaiyas bike repairbike shops like Yamaha can be pretty expensive.

    You can usually buy the bike in person or through a third-party seller, but some shops charge you an extra fee to get the bike fixed.13.

    Suzuki repair shopMost of the bikes at Suzuki shops are covered, but they’re also quite expensive.

    If you can find a bike at a Suzuki shop, you’ll probably be happy with the price.14.

    Harley-Davidson bike repair and maintenanceThe repair service at Harley- Davidson usually includes a full warranty, which will cover your bike for the rest of its life.

    The warranty will cover damage caused by negligence, theft, vandalism, theft or abuse.15.

    Bikes and parts shopsThere are a few bike shops that specialize in bike parts.

    The one we spoke to, the Bike Shop in Chicago, is a great place to get parts from for the parts you need, or for your bike that’s on the verge of breaking down.

    The parts are usually covered by warranty, so if the bike isn’t on the street, you can often get it repaired without having to go into the shop.

    You’ll have to put your parts on the vehicle, but then you can return the parts for free, so that’s usually the best option.16.

    Suzuki Bike Shop service Suzuki makes a lot of bikes.

    If it’s time to replace a worn out part, you’re going to have to shop at the bike-shop.

    It has an easy way to return parts, but not so easy to get replacement parts.17.

    Kizashi bike repairThe Kizashis repair shop in Tokyo