The Apple logo has a cracked rim and can crack on its own, and it can also crack under a warranty.

    The problem isn’t just an issue with the logo.

    It’s a sign of serious defects, the American Institute of Certified Product Managers said on Monday.

    The company told customers in a news release that the logo would have to be replaced with an image of a new logo with a more modern design and that the warranty would not be honored if the logo isn’t fixed.

    Apple said that it’s working with a number of other companies to get an image and replacement in the next few weeks.

    Apple has a long history of manufacturing products with cracked logos, and a cracked logo is a common complaint in the tech industry.

    The logo in question was used by the company for over 50 years and is a popular way to identify products.

    It’s not clear if the cracked rim will cause any problems, but it could cause problems for the new logo.

    The rim could crack and the product could become unserviceable.

    Apple will replace the logo, but the company will also give the customer the option to have it repaired if it is damaged, according to the news release.

    “While we don’t have any concrete data on the impact of cracked logos on our business, we will do everything we can to make sure the new Logo is as safe as possible,” the company said.