How to Fix Dryer Dryer Repair article Mike’s Auto Repair is a San Francisco-based automotive repair and servicing company specializing in vehicle repair and maintenance.

    It has offices in San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Francisco Bay Area.

    Mike’s is a part of the Honda Group of Companies.

    Mike & Associates has offices located in San Jose, San Francisco and Santa Clara.

    Mike&Associates services a broad range of auto, truck, van, SUV, SUV Parts, Car Accessories, Off-Road, Performance, Offroad/Surface, Offstreet, Offshore, Motorcycles, Offroading, OffRoad/Truck, Truck Parts, Truck Accessories, Trains, Truck & Bus Parts, Tires, Trucks, RVs, Racks, Bags, Carpet, Paint, Wax, Roofing, Window Repair, Window Replacement, Window Cleaning, Paint Job, Paint Restoration, Oil Change, Wax Job, Lubricant Change, Lube Change, Tubes, Paint and Wax, Window, Door and Window Replacement.

    Mikes website is

    To call Mikes toll free number, dial: 800-742-3600.

    For more information, visit www.michelesautos, or email [email protected]