A denture that’s damaged by caries can be a costly ordeal, with a typical denture costing between $1,000 and $2,000.

    But now, dental professionals in NSW are offering dentists free caries treatment on the spot, saving you up to 70 per cent.

    Key points:Dentures can be damaged by dental carious agents (DCA), but dentists say the problem is more serious than thatMany dentists have not been trained to handle dental carie conditionsDCA damage can lead to problems with the rest of the bodyAs well as causing the loss of teeth, dental carial damage can damage the rest.

    “Dentists can’t treat caries properly when it’s done without their knowledge, and there’s no one trained to help with it,” says Dr Lisa Smith, who runs the NSW Dental Society’s caries service.

    “If you can’t use your knowledge, then how do you do it?”

    Denturing with dental caria is a very complex process.

    It’s not just one thing, and some dentists may not have been trained in the area.

    The dentist who first noticed the problem said she was so surprised to see the dentures in the dental unit were so well-preserved she decided to offer a free carie treatment.

    “I had to ask, ‘Do you know how to care for my dental carias?’ and they said, ‘Yes, we’re here for free!'”

    Dr Smith says the dentist was happy to take the advice and quickly discovered dentists in Sydney and elsewhere were willing to provide free carious treatment on their own.

    “The first time we were able to do that, we found it really helpful, and we’re going to do it again next year.”

    For now, dentists and dentists alike are left with little choice but to rely on free carying treatment.

    Dr Smith encourages dentists to learn how to handle dentures.

    “It’s very important to understand what dental cariosis is and how to treat it, so that they’re not having problems with dental disease,” she says.

    “We’re not saying you should get treated for it.

    We’re saying that you should be able to get the treatment without a cost.”

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