A fridge that has suffered water damage due to a sprinkler in your home could be repaired with a simple valve replacement.

    A homeowner in Israel has shared his experience with The Jerusalem Report, saying that his water heater was damaged by a water sprinkler.

    The water heater is a small refrigerator with a water pump that pumps water to the top of the fridge.

    After the water pump runs dry, it turns on and the water flows down to the bottom of the refrigerator, where it can cause damage to the pump.

    According to the Israeli Home Ministry, the water was coming from a nearby sprinkler that runs at about 3,000 feet per second.

    The water in the fridge is usually at least 1,000 to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, so the water in a sprinklers system is normally much lower than this.

    According to the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the sprinkler could have damaged the pump, which pumps water through the water pipe that runs through the top.

    It could also have damaged other plumbing or wiring inside the fridge, resulting in the refrigerator overheating.

    The homeowner, who is not a contractor, said he bought the refrigerator in 2009, but it has been running for almost a decade.

    The homeowner told The Jerusalem Review that he initially suspected the water from the sprinklers had damaged the refrigerator’s pump.

    However, after he checked the water pressure inside the refrigerator and the pressure on the pump itself, he concluded that the water had not damaged the pumps or pump itself.

    The Home Ministry told The Israel Times that the department of water and electricity had inspected the refrigerator.

    They said that the refrigerator has not had a water leak in 20 years and that it is fully operational.

    The fridge, however, has had water leakages in the past, including in 2013 and 2016.

    The fridge’s pump, the Home Ministry said, is working.

    The refrigerator was sold to a local family, but the owner told The Review that the family had not yet been notified of the repairs.

    The home, which is located in a residential area, has been in the family for almost two decades, according to the Home Affairs Ministry.