Microsoft has announced that it will offer repair and upgrades to Xbox One consoles for those who have had an issue with their console.

    In an email to customers on Tuesday, Microsoft said that it would cover up to £600 for Xbox One console upgrades and will “continue to offer a limited number of consoles to those who wish to repair or upgrade”.

    The Xbox One is Microsoft’s flagship gaming console.

    Microsoft has not provided a list of the consoles it will be covering, but it has been previously announced that Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles will also be covered.

    The company previously announced it was also running a Xbox One Upgrade Program, which it said would cover the costs of up to 20 Xbox One upgrade parts, including new hardware.

    However, Microsoft is not the only company offering a refund to affected users.

    Nintendo also said it was working with Microsoft to provide an Xbox One replacement for its Switch consoles.

    The Xbox console is sold by Microsoft, and will be sold through its Xbox store on the Xbox One website until at least January 24.

    It is expected to be cheaper than buying the console outright, with prices beginning at £349 for the new console.

    Microsoft said that “there are no restrictions on how long you can continue to use your console” for the time being.