RTE 24/7 cover News 24/07 – Car insurance company says it has no record of a collision between a tow truck and a mobile RV.

    A car insurance company has issued a report stating there is no record for collision between the tow truck company and a Mobile RV, and that no vehicles were damaged.

    CarInsurance Ireland reported the collision in the State’s west county of Clare, after it was flagged to them by the tow company.

    A tow truck was involved in a collision with a Mobile RV on a highway near Dunmore, Clare.

    The tow truck driver was not injured.

    The State Roads Agency said it is investigating the incident and is seeking a report from CarInsage Ireland.

    It said there was no report from the towage company or the Department of Transport.

    The company said it has a good track record of working with towage companies to resolve problems and it has had a very positive experience with the tow.