After losing its case against Twitter, the social media company has now lost a new one.

    The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the social network and its CEO, Jack Dorsey.

    Dorsey, who is best known for the hashtag “Jack Dorsey Is Not My Friend,” has not responded to requests for comment from Recode.

    Recode reported Thursday that Twitter had already agreed to pay the FTC a total of $15 million in a settlement with the FTC.

    That’s less than the amount that the company agreed to spend on legal fees for a case against Dorsey that it settled for $2.5 million.

    The FTC claims that Twitter’s actions violated the Federal Trade Act and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

    The company has been under fire for its refusal to remove links to posts that were made during the election cycle.

    In October, Dorsey said that the social-media platform had been hacked and that there was “no evidence that anyone was trying to influence the election.”

    The company later admitted to violating election laws and paid a $25 million fine.