Posted October 25, 2018 14:00:17It’s time to find out who’s ready to take the field in the NFL this season.

    A few weeks ago, the NFLPA unveiled its “Year of the Rookie” plan, which will outline which players who can be trusted to lead the league on a consistent basis over the next three seasons.

    While it’s unclear whether this plan will help the players who have already made it into the league, there’s little doubt that a lot of the big names on the list are capable of carrying the load.

    Here’s a look at the five rookies most likely to lead their respective teams in 2017 and beyond.1.

    Julio Jones, Falcons (WR): Jones has been on the rise in his first two seasons, but the first half of his career has been a disaster.

    He’s had two surgeries on his knee and he has been hobbled by a broken collarbone.

    He’ll need to show he can return to form this season, and he’s already showing signs of improvement.2.

    Terrance West, Cowboys (WR/KR): The Cowboys have made strides on offense in recent years, and West was the focal point of that movement.

    With Ezekiel Elliott sidelined for the rest of the season, West will have to prove that he’s the man in Dallas.

    He was the NFL’s most valuable receiver in 2016, but his production dropped off this season due to injury.

    If the Cowboys can find a way to stay healthy and West can stay healthy, he’s got a chance to be a breakout star.3.

    Tyler Lockett, Browns (WR-KR): This isn’t a surprise given the lack of production from Lockett.

    He had the second-most catches in the league last season and his emergence this year should make him the clear No. 1 receiver in the Browns’ offense.

    If Lockett can keep his game ball on a steady, consistent basis, he’ll be the No. 2 option on offense.4.

    DeMarco Murray, Titans (WR) : It’s been a struggle for Murray, who has been limited to just one game due to a neck injury.

    The Titans are counting on Murray to be their best receiver.

    He caught 62 passes last season, but he didn’t make any big plays.

    He did have a big game for the Titans against the Dolphins in Week 10, but it’s a stretch to say Murray will be the beneficiary of their wideouts.5.

    Devin Funchess, Jets (WR)-KR: The Jets have been on a roll, and it’s all thanks to FuncheSS, who finished the season as the NFL lead rusher.

    He led the NFL with seven touchdowns, but there’s no question that the Jets are counting in on Funche to be one of the best wideouts in the game.

    His biggest challenge will be finding a way for him to stay on top of his workload.6.

    Dez Bryant, Cowboys-WR: It’s a big year for Bryant, who’s had his share of injuries over the past few years.

    He has missed two games because of a knee injury, but Bryant has shown signs of slowing down.

    He played well for the Cowboys last season but missed the playoffs with injuries.

    Bryant will have the opportunity to make a splash in 2017.7.

    Kenny Britt, Rams (WR, QB)-KR (2): Britt is the only player on this list who has already been a starter in the pros, but if he can continue to produce and play up to the level he did in 2017, he could be the best receiver in football.

    The Rams have shown that they can get the best out of a young player, and Britt has the talent to be that player.8.

    Chris Godwin, Colts (WR (1)-RB): Godwin has the speed to be an impact player, but a lot will depend on how his teammates perform.

    The Colts need to find a quarterback to start opposite Andrew Luck this season if they want to keep Luck around for the long haul.9.

    Ty Montgomery, Texans (WR1)-WR (3): The Texans have been loaded in the backfield this season and Montgomery is one of those players.

    He finished with 101 catches, 1,924 yards and nine touchdowns last season.

    If he can get back to his old form, the Texans could be a team that can win a lot with their wide receivers.10.

    Christian McCaffrey, Panthers (WR2)-WR: McCaffery is one-half of the offense in Carolina, but when he’s not out there, it’s hard to find anyone to replace him.

    He won’t be the most prolific receiver in NFL history, but McCaffey is an impactful player who will have a chance for a breakout season.11.

    Kenny Golladay, Lions (WR3)-WR5 (2)-RB: The Lions don’t have a true No. 3 receiver, but Golladys ability to run after the