BMW has a new car on the market: the new D1.

    It’s one of the few BMWs to come equipped with a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and the result of a partnership with an Italian company called BMG.

    As part of a pilot program, BMW will deliver to dealers the D1 with a rebuilt windshield.

    This is not the first time BMW has had to repair a damaged or cracked windshield, and in some cases, the damage is permanent.

    In 2016, BMW sold about 1.8 million D1s, and many of the cars are in their early 40s, making them among the oldest cars in the world.

    The company says the D2 will be a different story.

    As the name implies, the D series cars were built for the high-performance BMW M division.

    The D2 has been built for BMW M since 2014, and BMW M has a history of using older, more-expensive parts.

    BMW M is known for the D5 and D7, which are also powered by two engines.

    BMW has made a number of new models over the past few years, and now, the new generation of D models will have an even more powerful engine, with the same power as the previous generation.

    BMW says the new engine should be much more reliable than the older ones, but the engine was designed specifically for the brand’s M cars.

    BMW D1: A replacement for a broken windshield article BMW says its engineers have designed the engine to operate at higher RPMs than the one in the D7 and D6 models.

    “In our research, we have found that the D4 engine is more efficient and has more torque at higher speeds, but that the engine is a bit more complex and the power is more difficult to manage in certain conditions,” BMW said in a statement.

    “The D3 is also much more complicated to manage, so we chose to go with a different engine and make the D3 even more efficient.”

    BMW says that the new engines should be quieter and quieter.

    It also says that it will now offer a free repair program for owners who want to fix the broken windshield.

    The new D model will be available in two colors: black and silver.

    The first two models will be offered in limited quantities in the U.S., with the final version of the car expected to hit showrooms in 2019.


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