HUNTER, the beloved British television actor, has been back in the UK for the past three weeks after undergoing surgery to repair a torn ligament in his right shoulder.

    He returned to the UK to attend a charity event on Thursday and will also be making a film with fellow actor and writer Ian Holmley and producer Andy Haldane.

    He is now in the process of rebuilding his career after recovering from surgery to correct a shoulder injury in 2009.

    The 41-year-old is the son of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and has been a household name since he starred in the BBC series ‘Duncan Hunter’.

    Hunter had surgery to fix a torn lateral meniscus in his left shoulder and has continued to work on his acting career since then.

    He has also been in the spotlight for a series of films including ‘Dunca’, which aired in 2002.

    He also starred in ‘The Prince of Egypt’ in the U.K. in 2013, and ‘The Night Of’ in 2016.

    Hunter will also appear in the new BBC series, ‘Duncat Hunter’.

    The series follows a young adventurer who returns home to find a cat abandoned in his garden.