Samsung’s mobile phone business has long been known for its competitive pricing, high quality components, and aggressive service.

    But now, the smartphone maker is taking a new approach to the repair business that is drawing attention from the tech industry.

    On Monday, the company reported that it will begin a nationwide push to help people who bought its Galaxy phones in China buy a new phone from Samsung in the United States.

    The new initiative, which is still in its infancy, will focus on repairing phones made by Samsung that have been shipped to China.

    “We have an opportunity here in the U.S.,” said Steve Smith, Samsung’s president of global business development and marketing.

    “This is a new market for us.”

    Smith said the company’s global expansion plans were inspired by a number of factors, including the rise in smartphone sales in China, the number of foreign customers buying Samsung phones, and the fact that Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE have become increasingly popular in the country.

    For Samsung, which makes the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, the launch of the new initiative was a natural step in its long-term plan to help bring its products to consumers in China.

    “We want to expand our business in China to the point where we have more than one million sales in the Chinese market,” Smith said.

    Samsung is a global brand, and as such, its sales in other countries can vary significantly from country to country. “

    I think China has become a very important market for our business.”

    Samsung is a global brand, and as such, its sales in other countries can vary significantly from country to country.

    But in the case of the Galaxy phones, Smith said that it is important for the company to make sure that its products are available to its Chinese customers as well.

    “If you can get the Galaxy Note 7 to the Chinese people, it means you’re doing a good job,” Smith explained.

    “It’s good for consumers and good for Samsung.”

    But while the introduction of the company-run repair program may not be a major win for Samsung in China and other parts of the world, Smith also said the initiative is important to make the Galaxy brand more globally accessible.

    “Our goal is to create more awareness of the importance of the brand and our products,” he said.

    Smith said Samsung was planning to have more announcements on the program in the coming weeks.


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